Lentils, Its Nutritional and Medicinal Value and Health Benefits

 Lentils is a seed, its fruit contain one or two seeds. It contains around 11% water. Its a very good source of
protein , carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. Fat content is low, around 3%, carbohydrate content 68% and
protein content 29%. Its a good source of energy, produces 338 k cal/ 100gms, fiber around 30%, soluble and insoluble. Folates – (433 mg),Vitamin B1 – (0.475 mg),Vitamin B6 – (0.535 mg),Iron – (9 mg),
Zinc – (3.61 mg),Magnesium – (107 mg),Potassium – (905 mg),Copper – (0.825),

Health Benefits :-

*Correction of Anemia :- Lentil contain 9mg/100gm iron which is higher than meet and eggs. High content of Folate & Copper helps to build up red blood cell.

*Pregnancy :- During pregnancy iron and folate demand increases, folate is essential for healthy development of nervous system. Lentil provides very good amount of folate.

*Constipation :- High fiber content of lentil helps to correct constipation more over it helps to stimulate
 peristalsis (down word movement of stools).

*Heart Health :-  Lentils' contribution to heart health by their fiber, but in the significant amounts of folate
 and magnesium also plays role to maintain good health of heart.

*Prevent Atherosclerosis :-Consumption of lentils provides a supply of antioxidants that decrease the chances of developing atherosclerosis. Also, these antioxidants play a role in neutralizing free radicals and thereby preventing cell and gene damage (aging).

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